set up in 1982, it was the first Aboriginal cultural centre located outside a capital city

The Bangerang Cultural Centre is located at the southeastern corner of the Parkside Gardens, formerly the Shepparton International Village.

It was set up in 1982 as a joint venture involving the former Shepparton Aboriginal Arts Council Co-operative and the Shepparton City Council.  It was designed by famous Victorian architect Fredrick Romberg who asked John (Sandy) Atkinson to sketch some ideas for the building.

John thought a circular plan would have appropriate resonances with traditional Aboriginal culture and so prepared a drawing by tracing around a 45 rpm record.

Using John’s concept Romberg designed an octagonal building encircled by a colonnade of tree poles.  Its historical and current importance has been recognized by the recent inclusion of the Centre on the Victorian Heritage Register.


It was the first Aboriginal cultural centre located outside of a capital city and reflected an essential phase in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal relations and early attempts at reconciliation.

Its association with the innovative architect Fredrick Romberg, John Sandy Atkinson, OAM, an Elder of the Bangerang people and the key instigator of the scheme, with a notable artist, George Browning, AM, a specialist diorama maker and Sir Douglas Nicholls, OBE (19906-88), who planted the first tree at the site in a ceremony during 1976 reflects the historical importance, association with and relationship to Victoria’s cultural heritage.


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Bangerang Cultural Centre


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P: 03 5831 1020
E: thebangerangculturalcentre@outlook.com


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